Three Things

A developer must know three things to properly support an application:

Expectation: What users believe the code does.

Intention: What the original developer intended the code to do.

Reality: What the code truly does.

How to Fix Texter When It “Stutters”

Turning off the Universal Spelling Autocorrect Setting
How to Fix Texter When It “Stutters”

I recently had need for a text expander tool on a Windows 7 PC.  After a little Google searching, I wound up using Adam Pash’s Texter.  It’s free, simple, and lightweight.  Unfortunately, after a few hours of use, I discovered that it had a “stutter.”  By which I mean, when I typed ‘another’, I would wind up looking at either ‘aanother’ or ‘anotherr’.

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix.  If you open up Texter’s preferences, you’ll see a setting for “Enable Universal Spelling AutoCorrect.”  If you remove the checkmark beside that setting, you will find the “stutter” goes away.